Rajasthan Restaurant

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Our Aim is simple - 'To Provide Delicious authentic yet modern cuisine with a friendly service in a stylish and comfortable space
Every dish is cooked to order using only the freshest natural ingredients. Our approach - 'we have a passion for combining traditional authentic indian flavours with contemporary presentation using quality ingredienst and for creating an atmosphere that is convival; approachable and a haven for people who simply love indian food. Menu -both traditional styles of cooking and creative flair are celebrated within our menu allowing us to offer time honoured classic curries to satisfy and innovative meals to thrill. We invite diners to try our signature meals where we have taken the essence of traditional indian flavours and seeked to provide a new style in which to appreciate them. Setting - laid-back and friendly; rajasthan is an elegant neighbourhood restaurant; warm hues; soft lighting and a relaxing atmosphere encouragin guests to settle in; get comfortable and have a great time. Service - the rajasthan experience is about more than just food; a sincere effort to educate our staff on all aspects of food is the basis of our service philosophy. The welcoming staff at rajasthan will do their utmost to make diners feel at ease; comfortable and well taken care of. Reward card available to purchase within the restaurant; allowing customers to use points on their meals.

Additional Info

  • Phone Number: 01202718966
  • Address Line 1: 127 Penn Hill Avenue, Poole, Dorset
  • City: Bournemouth
  • Post Code: BH14 9LY
  • Opening Time: 1800-Late (Daily) Mon-Sun